CS:GO Player Shows What Maps Would Look Like With Nuke Theme

CS:GO Player Shows What Maps Would Look Like With Nuke Theme

CS: GO Player Shows What Maps Would Look Like With Nuke Theme

Counter-Strike: International Offensive includes several maps depicting everything from dusty desert roads to Venetian canals and the sterile corridors of a nuclear powerplant. The odds are everybody can find a minimum of one Counter-Strike map that they adore. For a single mod manufacturer, that map is Nuke, and it appears there’s not any such thing as a lot of reactors and cooling systems.

Map modder Henge reveals to the world how three Counter-Strike: International Offensive maps seem reskinned from the kind of this Nuke map. All three are offered from the Steam Workshop.

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YouTuber and CS: GO Enthusiast 3kliksphilip researched them in a movie on Thursday. The 3 maps are alternative versions of this Cache, Office, Mirage channels, dubbed Nache, Office, and Mirage. Since the movie points out, Henge maintained the original map design almost exactly. There are a couple of changes, such as rearranged props, distinct cover places, different sized doorways, and a couple of additional ladders. However, Counter-Strike fans must have no trouble understanding that the design.

The maps’ caliber a part of what makes them stand out. Henge is no newcomer when it comes to map-making in Counter-Strike: International Offensive, and that experience really shows. He generated the mods with the Supply Map Maker. Especially, Henge elected not to utilize Source’s majority texture tools. Rather, he put assets to attain the desired result, and his hard work paid off. The newest maps could easily confuse portions of their present Nuke map whilst still keeping many identifying features.

But Nuke in Special? Although not universally beloved, Nuke is a classic with variations dating all of the ways back into the first Half-Life mod out of 2000. Nuke’s resources are also quite versatile and look great in equally tight corridors and spacious exteriors. Henge also notes he finds the blank appearance attractive and the Nuke resources simple to use.

Obviously, Henge cites. The maps he founded his on have particular hard-coded limitations. Some grenades do not function on the Mirage map, by way of instance, since they did not work on the first. But that doesn’t imply his habit maps are not worth giving a try.

Additional Henge map mods for Counter-Strike: Contain another Mirage reskin and an updated version of Aztec. The former is named Mirust and replaces Mirage’s Moroccan structure with Dust, two legendary Arabian resources. His Aztec reskin adds somewhat more color to the Central American dig website thanks to resources from the Historical map included from the December 2020 Broken Fang upgrade.


CS:GO Player Shows What Maps Would Look Like With Nuke Theme
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