List of Major PlayStation to PC Ports Shared by Leaker
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List of Major PlayStation to PC Ports Shared by Leaker

List of Major PlayStation to PC Ports Shared by Leaker

List of Major PlayStation to PC Ports Shared by Leaker

The statement that PlayStation will be bringing the formerly PS4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn into PC shocked the business. It had been a surprise that Horizon Zero Dawn was a massive hit on PC. Sony followed up by verifying it had potential plans to deliver more PlayStation matches To the stage, tantalizing PC players. There has been a great deal of speculation since then. However, the leaks are beginning to get more considerable. The most recent illustration includes a listing of four important PlayStation exclusives believed to be in the works for PC.

This Escape comes from Twitter consumer CrazyLeaksOnATrain. CrazyLeaksOnATrain frequently drops assumed leaks in their Twitter accounts in a simple list type. The flows are constantly completely unsourced and are often authentic. That does not mean they are always true, however. The listing that CrazyLeaksOnATrain provides up comprises Bloodborne, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, and the Uncharted Collection. Every one of those four being an important PlayStation exclusive up till today.

Bloodborne is a particular escape that CrazyLeaksOnATrain has contributed previously. Mid-2020, CrazyLeaksOnATrain Stated that Bloodborne “is very much coming to PC.” But, they also stated that a wave of statements was coming shortly, which did not occur. CrazyLeaksOnATrain is not the sole leaker/insider to state Bloodborne is coming to PC yet. Still, another unsourced insider said that it was accurate, with this escape going as far back as May 2020.

Bloodborne is not the only match with escapes about a PC port yet. A God of War PC jack also had many promises from leakers and insiders. Further, those escapes came out around precisely the same period as Bloodborne’s. However, those leaks contained remarks like it had been”coming earlier” than lovers believe. Evidently, that is not the situation. Nevertheless, with God’s statement of War two, speculation regarding God of War coming into PC remains prevalent.

Ghost of Tsushima and the Uncharted Collection, apparently referring to this first trilogy of all Uncharted matches, are cited less frequently. However, if Sony’s committed to releasing significant PlayStation exclusives on PC, then Ghost of Tsushima, along with also the Uncharted Collection, creates a Great Deal of sense.

With the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC in 2020 along with the statement of Days Gone According to PC this spring, PlayStation’s PC attempts are definitely not over. It is no leap of faith to think this is simply the beginning of PlayStation’s plans. It is an important chance, and the debate that it might result in some PC players never buying a new PlayStation console does not hold water. Nonetheless, it’s also apparent that Sony does not appear to be in a rush, irrespective of if CrazyLeaksOnATrain believes PlayStation on PC statements are coming sooner rather than later.


List of Major PlayStation to PC Ports Shared by Leaker
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