Google Maps For Android Now Supports YouTube Music When Navigating

Back in 2018, Google Maps additional built-in media playback controls when browsing on iOS and Android. An update on this week sees Google Maps support YouTube Music on the stage.

Google Maps has a navigation UI if you are driving. If Music is playing at the background, the icon of the app will appear under the mute FAB. Tapping slides controls which reveal artist, song name, artist and album art up. On the right are buttons to forwards/backwards and play/pause.

Tapping”Read” will load a grid of current listens to Without departing navigation begin something.

There is also an improvement bar.

After working with Spotify, Google, Play Music, and Apple Music, YouTube Music is currently supported by maps. To set up, go to Settings > Navigation settings. If”Show press playback controllers is enabled, you will have the ability to pick a”Default networking program” using YT Music finally appearing here.

This long-awaited integration necessitates Google Maps 10.43.2, which broadly rolled out This week. A variant of YouTube Music is needed, But the additional service is reliant on getting the most recent version Of Maps. Google Maps to get iOS does not encourage YouTube Music.

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