Our Team


Brad Miller

Brad is the Owner and the Founder of Wings Techno World. He always wanted to share her love of sports with everyone that’s why she founded Wings Techno World.

Phone: (+1) 732-264-3291
Email: [email protected]


Christi Owens Editor

Christi is working as the Editor at Wings Techno World. She loves to write about the latest sports news from all around the world before anywhere else.

Phone: (+1) 732-265-5029
Email: [email protected]


Dakota Owens Reporter

Dakota works as the Reporter for Wings Techno World. She tries to learn about the latest things and share them with our readers.

Phone: (+1) 732-261-4592
Email: [email protected]


Jason Owens Writer

Jason is the Writer for the Wings Techno World. He loves to write about the latest sports news in the world. So our readers can stay ahead of everyone else.

Phone: (+1) 732-265-3299
Email: [email protected]



Tyson Ronne Author

Tyson is working as the Author for Wings Techno World. He tries to keep our readers up-to dated with the latest sports news from around the world.

Phone: (+1) 732-261-5927
Email: [email protected]

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